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about MBD


I have been involved with a range of project types, including: arts buildings, sports halls, community centres, public, private & social housing, mixed use, regeneration & education projects. These have ranged fro master-planning large areas to simple internal fit-outs of existing buildings.

Mark Bryant design is an RIBA Chartered Architect’s practice based in Worcestershire. Six miles from Worcester city centre, severn from Droitwich Spa & nine from Pershore, but covers all of the Midlands area.

“Good architecture comes from a thorough understanding of the intended use and the needs and desires of the people who will ultimately occupy the buildings”

This is not necessarily the people who have appointed the architect, but the people who will inhabit the building day after day. For this reason I firmly believe that the brief is the most important document produced, in the design process.  It is crucial that this is produced in collaboration with these users.

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