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working with clients

“If you don’t know where your going, then you probably won’t end up there” Forest Gump

Forest Gump

Working closely with the client to ensure that the project is fit for purpose, meets their aspirations, and is achievable within the budget is critical to the success of any project, particularly a building project. it is important for the architect to listen.

“… after all you can’t learn whilst you’re talking…”

If you have a potential project and would like to have a free, no obligation discussion about it, please get in touch .

“The brief is the most important document produced in the design stage, and is constantly referred to through the design process. This document is a combination of the clients wishes and desires and the architects experience & knowledge, hopefully distilled into a concise document.”

The early consultations are key to the success of this process, and the architect needs to listen, as well as advise.

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