Project Description

An ambitious proposal to construct a new build bungalow on a corner site / garden of an existing four bedroomed house.

Claines Pre-exisiting House

Demolishing the garage / sitting room & building on the space created at the side is the only option to get a new dwelling on this plot.

Claines Garage Demolished

Gaining Planning Approval requires the new bungalow to match the appearance of the surrounding dwellings.

Claines Planning Front Elevation
Claines Planning Rear Elevation

Extensive negotiations & multiple revisions are required to convince the local Planning Department to approve this contentious proposal.

Claines Planning Plan

A constricted site means creative thinking is required regarding the most effective construction method & using a pre-fabricated timber frame is the preferred option.

Claines Section

This solution includes the use of SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel System) walls & a trussed rafter roof.

Structural Insulated Panels
Vaulted Ceiling

As the frame is erected quickly the building starts to take shape.

Claines frame erected
Claines Roof Going On

An outer brick skin ensures meeting planning requirements to match the materials of dwellings in the surrounding area.

Claines Brick-Skin In Progress

Ultimately the difficult journey, particularly through the Planning stage is all worth it as the client is able to sell the modified existing house & move in next door to the new bungalow.

Claines Final Exisiting House & New Bungalow