Project Description

Four-Oaks Aerial-View Accessibility Extension

The client had needed to install a lift in this large detached house to enable upstairs access for his disabled daughter. Unfortunately, there were still a number of areas inaccessible for her wheelchair & a thorough reconfiguration was required.

Plan Showing Existing Ground Floor Problems
Plan Showing Existing First Floor Problems

The decision was made to build a new wing on the back of the house to provide all of the facilities necessary for the daughter to be able to live on the ground floor of the house & better integrate with the whole family.

Four-Oaks Plan Of Proposed Ground-Floor

Resulting views for everyone were important & adequate surveillance of the daughter’s personal quarters was essential to ensure safety.

Four-Oaks Plan Of Proposed Views Surveilance

Modern assisted living features were also a key requisite.

Four-Oaks Bathroom Precedent

The client also wanted to take the opportunity to substantially change the design & appearance of the house.

Four-Oaks Front Elevation Existing

Having explored various materials, the integration of timber louvres in the revised front elevation was the preferred option.

Four-Oaks Timber Precedent

The final design significantly developed the front aspect of the house & reflected the brief to create a ‘modern home’.

Four-Oaks Front-Elevation Proposed