Project Description

The client wanted to completely reorder the internal arrangement of the large detached bungalow & also extend the building.

Ladywood Before, Rear

The existing layout created lots of wasted space & poor connection between key areas.

Layout Analysis

Spatial analysis identified a high proportion of circulation space & relatively low living accommodation area.

Spatial Analysis Before

The proposed layout improved the relative space proportions.

Spatial Analysis After

The reconfiguration greatly improved the circulation space & resulted in repositioning the main door from the rear to the front of the property.

Ladywood plan with extension & reconfiguration

The new entrance & new double garage provided a more logical, better defined front aspect to the bungalow.

Section of Ladywood property
Ladywood front afterwards

A total refurbishment of the internal utility spaces provided a fresh modern kitchen & bathroom.

Newly refurbished kitchen
Ladywood kitchen after refurbishment
New bathroom at Ladywood property after internal reconfiguration
Ladywood bathroom shower